Which Product is "The Best"?

We hear that all too often. Most of the time when we want to buy a new product, we get on our shoes and drive to the nearest store to check it out. Problem is - you're subjected to high prices, sales tax, and less choices than you are able to view online.

This is why more consumers are deciding to use BestRated2014 to find the top rated products for all of their purchased. From automotive to home & kitchen, we review, analyze, and provide insight to those who are interested in what's best for 2014.

bread box

Best Bread Boxes of 2014

Having your bread, muffins, hamburger or hot dog buns sitting out loose on your counter surfaces does more than simply make your kitchen look cluttered. It makes the bread go stale faster. Similarly, baked goods do not keep well when stored in a refrigerator. So… continue reading...

Top 5 Best Bagel Toaster Reviews 2014

Bagel toasters are a significant invention that allows you to get uniformly toasted bagels, bread and muffins in no time. Different brands are available on the market, which makes it hard to determine the perfect one to use. However, to make your selection easier, the… continue reading...
inflatable kayak reviews 2014

2014 Best Inflatable Kayaks Reviews

Summertime is right around the corner and with it brings hot temperatures and long, relaxing days by the water. A popular choice for those who enjoy a day near the lake, river, or ocean are inflatable kayaks. They allow you to have the full ability… continue reading...
tactical flashlight

Best Tactical Firearm Weapon Flashlights 2014

When searching for the best tactical flashlights there are 3 main factors you should consider before making a purchase; Brightness, portability, and functionality. While the best tactical flashlights should be a combination of all three, some stand out more than others in particular areas. Below… continue reading...
pc gaming

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Reviews 2014

If you are reading this, it is because you cherish gaming as much as we do – or even more. The truth is when one is playing, the least distraction and discomforts one gets the better. As for most, we cherish the ability to achieve… continue reading...