Best Handheld Vacuum Reviews 2013-2014

A handheld vacuum is useful upon several different occasions. They come in handy for quickly cleaning up small or confined messes. Although they are usually not quite as powerful as a standard upright vacuum, they provide portable use for in the car, around the home, or in small places.

#1 – Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum

Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum
  • Using 5.5 amps of suction, you’ll experience power and performance that you’d expect from a household vacuum. The Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum delivers well for clean up jobs in the car, on the stairs, or your furniture.
  • With a 20 foot cord and a stretch hose, it gives you enough reach to clean tall or narrow spaces without having to find a new outlet every 5 minutes. Some of the issues we’ve seen with handheld vacuums are that they can’t go where
  • Super portable. Weighs only 5 pounds and can easily be stored because of it’s compact size.
  • Crevice tool is included and comes in handy for reaching tight places like between car seats or for between mattresses on a couch.
  • Bagless. Never worry about changing the bag because there is none! Just empty the internal canister when full and you’re good to go for another round of cleaning.
  • One of the most popular choices of the year. Rated by over 2,000 happy customers on

#2 – Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster

Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster
  • The Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster is the ideal handheld vacuum for those wanting one that is designed to fit in small spaces with a good reach.
  • Black & Decker has been producing the Dustbuster for several years. This is their most recent model which has proven to have 50% more reach and much more suction power than ever before.
  • Capable of handling large objects or all shapes and sizes such as spilled food around the kitchen, debris in your vehicle, or dust around the stairs.
  • The filter is designed to be in the center of the canister. This allows no loss of suction thanks to the cyclonic power that keeps the filter unclogged while in use.
  • Can be stored in three different ways based on your own preference. You can mount it on the wall, or just place it vertically or horizontally in or around any part of your home.
  • Charging station allows you to save energy and eliminates the use for expensive batteries.
  • Very affordable price that fits within the range of most consumers.

#3 – Black & Decker PHV1810 Pivot Vac

Black and Decker PHV1810 Pivot Vac
  • Offering 2 different speeds for handling different jobs, the Black & Decker PHV1810 Pivot Vac is a small, quiet variety that performs as expected.
  • Using 18 Volts of power, the high powered motor delivers outstanding performance with suction that is capable of heavy duty tasks.
  • It comes included with an extendable crevice tool and a brush that attach to the casing of the unit so you’ll never lose track of them. These accessories are useful for reaching stubborn crumbs and debris in hard to reach, narrow spaces.
  • Remove the filter and wash it instead of purchasing a new filter all the time. This saves money in the long run!
  • Back by a 2 year warranty that covers any unexpected failures from occurring within the first 24 months of ownership.
  • Rechargeable and cordless. Never spend money on expensive batteries again. Just listen to the LED indicator and it will determine if it’s charged or not.
  • Nozel has a very wide range of motion, offering good maneuverability.